Coming Nov 2021: New Essay in Visual Culture Approaches to the Selfie (Routledge History of Photography) Anthology

This anthology, edited by Derek Conrad Murray, examines the selfie as a social and technological phenomenon but also engages with digital self-portraiture as representation: as work that is committed to rigorous object-based analysis. The scholars in this volume consider the topic of online self-portraiture-both its social function as a technology-driven form of visual communication, as well as its thematic, intellectual, historical, and aesthetic intersections with the history of art and visual culture. COMING NOV 2021

My essay is entitled Domestic Snapshots: Female Self-Imaging Practices Then and Now. This new essay calls upon my background in the History of Art and Visual Studies to think about women and technology. It’s all about women making choices, and our intentional self-presentation, as a way of making room for ourselves in the world.

Selfie getting a haircut. 2012.