Essay Published in European Journal of American Studies

Check out this exciting new special issue on Video Games and/in American Studies: Politics, Popular Culture, and Populism, with eds. Mahshid Mayar and Stefan Schubert. If you are interested in video games and American Studies, you couldn’t come to a better place. Contributions by:

Sascha Pöhlmann Ludic Populism and Its Unpopular Subversion

John Wills “Ain’t the American Dream Grand”: Satirical Play in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V

Esther Wright Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption, and Narratives of “Progress”

Sören Schoppmeier Legible Bodies and the Ghosts of American History: On Racialized Surveillance in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Videogames

Stefan Schubert “Liberty for Androids!”: Player Choice, Politics, and Populism in Detroit: Become Human

Michael Fuchs Livin’ Da Dream? Playing Black, Illusions of Meritocracy, and Narrative Constraints in Sports Video Game Story Modes

Mahshid Mayar Feasts of Indifference: Racialization, Affect, and Necropolitics in 1X War Games

Soraya Murray America is Dead. Long Live America! Political Affect in Days Gone