Art Journal Summer 2020 Special Focus on Games and Landscape


The Summer 2020 issue of Art Journal is here, and features my special focus dossier on game space and landscape, marking the first time video games have been included in the publication, since its beginnings in 1941. The issue and my project,  Horizons Already Here, can be viewed for free, until the end of September— see below. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all my collaborators and colleagues who made the special focus possible!

Soraya Murray
Horizons Already Here: Video Games and Landscape

Soraya Murray
Artist’s Project: Harun Farocki’s Parallel

Dorothy R. Santos
Domain Errors within Interactive Speculative Space(s)

Eugénie Shinkle
Of Particle Systems and Picturesque Ontologies: Landscape, Nature, and Realism in Video Games

Alenda Y. Chang
Rambunctious Games: A Manifesto for Environmental Game Design

Hava Aldouby
An Outsider in Grand Theft Auto: Phil Solomon
Interview with Phil Solomon

Dorothy R. Santos
From Pixels to Text: Articulations of the Body in Digital Landscapes and Imagined Space(s)

Tracy Fullerton
A Year at Play in the Woods of Walden Pond

Artist’s Project: The Long Road of Silicon